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Happiness Is Tomatoes

by frannybolsa on September 5, 2013

in Cooking, Garden

canning tomatoes

Warm. Heavy. Even the smallest ones have the weight of a hundred tiny golden seeds. Leaving a tingle of pressure on my palm. The kitchen table disappears. An inside sunset of pinks and reds. Cool water spray. Rinse. Last bits of garden dirt fall away. Stem pops with twists and a tug. Criss …


Ordinary Lens: Week 33

by frannybolsa on August 18, 2013

in Life

Publix Birthday Cake

Scenes from this past week…. I had a birthday. And the Chicken Farmer brought cake. We love the Chicken Farmer. We had a birthday celebration at Lockland Table. Their Sweet Potato Gnocchi made my taste buds high five. A gorgeous herbaceous display at the farmer’s market. Peppers for days Hexagons My Girl Wonder. This is […]


Ordinary Lens: Week 28

by frannybolsa on July 13, 2013

in Life

view of awesome clouds

Scenes from this past week….. Mondays are bearable when the sky gets in your eyes My toes don’t mind hiding when they’re tucked inside happy shoes. Some people aren’t fit to have baby muffins. Found these wee things abandoned in a parking lot. He likes a seat with a view and a fan. I got […]


Ordinary Lens: Week 23

by frannybolsa on June 7, 2013

in Life

Scenes from this past week…. We got gussied up and went to the Symphony Center for dinner and classical music. A gift from the Chicken Farmer. My coffee cup seemed tiny. Apparently I drink out of a barrel at home I had to chuckle when Girl Wonder ordered a cup of coffee. She gave me […]


Ordinary Lens: Week 22

by frannybolsa on May 31, 2013

in Life


Scenes from this past week…. A picnic Music under sparkly lights in big field courtesy of Small Town Jam. My due North Lonely daises. Seeking tiptoes. Cosmic chill pill My oak leaf hydrangea – my nose gets happy every time I walk by it to the front door.


Build A Word Map

by frannybolsa on May 19, 2013

in Life

FrannyPrinciples title=

Build a word map. To remind you which way to turn your feet. When life gets bumpy or chucks tomatoes at your head. Here’s mine. What would yours say?


Ordinary Lens: Week 20

by frannybolsa on May 17, 2013

in Life


Scenes from this past week…. Airport waiting I bought my Mum flowers Private concert Home is where the music is Organic bling O.R.E.O.S. Words to live by Girl Wonder played her last 8th grade concert. High school is getting real y’all. And I’m not ready. Burger’s all around at Burger Up. Best. Burgers. Hands. Down. […]


Just Being Human

by frannybolsa on April 24, 2013

in Life

messy life

Real life is happening here. Laundry’s done but piled up in a bin on my bedroom floor. Wrinkly clean because I really can’t be bothered to fold things. The kitchen floor is sticky.  I forgot to run the dishwasher. Dirt and leaves roll like tumbleweeds across the living room floor. Work is work and is […]


Ordinary Lens: Week 15

by frannybolsa on April 12, 2013

in Life

veggie lunch

Veggies for lunch make me feel healthy. The Chicken Farmer and I made a quick trip to Chattanooga. Cornbread Festival. Who wants to go with me? Industrial blue. We stayed in a 100 year old bread and breakfast. Stone Fort Inn Gorgeous. Cozy. With fantastic staff. Sparkle Stone Fort Inn has opened a restaurant, Terra […]


I Spy: My Teenager Being Human

by frannybolsa on April 1, 2013

in Motherhood


Parenting a teenager is an experiment in self-control. The little buggers are all cute and cuddly when you first bring them home. Then they gain the power of speech. Which they cannot use without adult supervision till at least 30. Those big wide eyes lose the power of hypnosis when they learn to roll at […]