Sparklers for Jesus and Getting In My Groove

03.06.2014 Life
Yelapa Mexico

It’s taken a few months to work my way through post-holiday recovery. Or art least as close to recovered as I’m going to get. Christmas was spent tucked away in a Mexican fishing village. No cars. No phones. Somedays no water. For Girl Wonder – no shoes. You’ve never seen a girl so happy to […]

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Ordinary Lens: Week 49

12.07.2013 Life
Looking through the sunroof

Bits and bobs from this past week: The drive home is more fun when the sky is riding shotgun Dinner on a windy night: tortellini with corn, kale, bacon and tomatoes. She rode my roof for 20 miles. A teeny, tiny spiderman. Rain through the window. Meat pie. Flakey outside. Warm and hearty inside. Texture: […]

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On Writing

12.02.2013 Life
Stephen King book quote

Sometimes you’re doing good work when it feels like all you’re managing is to shovel shit from a sitting position ~Stephen King, On Writing, A Memoir of The Craft Knee deep in the shit. We all end up here. Here’s to shoveling…

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Icebox Cake With Cookie Butter And Lemon Curd

12.01.2013 Cooking
Icebox Cake with Cookie Butter and Lemon Curd

The sky is a flat, dull grey. Everything outside the windows looks listless and cold. You happen to have Cookie Butter and lemons. Which means you’re just a few steps away from having cake. An icebox cake -because it keeps you from looking like a crazy lady who made a cake and then sat down […]

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Ordinary Lens: Week 47

11.29.2013 Life

Bits and bobs from this past week….. Mother-Daughter love. Or how I forced her to entertain me while we waited for our food to arrive. Just beet it Sparkling lights on a crisp, cold night I tarted My first attempt at cinnamon bread When Richard Simmons gets his game on – he slips on a […]

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Lust Makes Laundry

11.25.2013 Life

Overheard at a coffee shop…. She’s sitting with a quartet of girls. At a table covered with coffee mugs, an ashtray and packs of Camel Lights. She says: I have to stop picking up boys at bars. I’m outta quarters for the washing machine.

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Ordinary Lens: Week 47

11.22.2013 Life
Ice Box Cake

Bits and bobs from this past week…. Ice box cake. Because we all need an excuse to buy more stretchy pants. A fancy wall Sunday dinners with 2 of my favourite people – I look forward to it all week. She used to fit in the palm of my hand.

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Eggs And Toast. A Ritual

11.20.2013 Life
Toast and peanut butter

A ritual. Up early. I crack the eggs. She whisks. She toasts the bread. I grab the peanut butter. No words yet. The coffee hasn’t been poured. Shoulders brush. A reach around for the black pepper. She lets me hug her while she’s trapped by the sticky spot on the floor by the stove. I […]

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Random Thoughts While Waiting For The Doctor

11.18.2013 Life

I’ve had a fiberglass splinter in my finger for 3 weeks. It feels like a million Lillaputians are stabbing my flesh with blazing hot pokers. I finally carry myself to the doctor’s office bright and early at 7:30 ….. I’m promptly shoved in an exam room that is located approximately 750 miles from the waiting […]

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Ordinary Lens

11.10.2013 Life
Embarassing Position at Work

Bits and bobs from the past few weeks…. I was busted at work in an embarrassing position Office view An airport rainbow. Just flying the friendly skies Eyes and ears Boots, a violin case and airport waiting This early bird missed the worm cause she was a bit distracted by the sun coming up. Teeny […]

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