High School – The Final Stretch

by frannybolsa on July 29, 2013

in Motherhood

back to school

Girl Wonder starts High School this week. New school. New schedule. Lots of change. I suspect this will be the year that teenaged hormonal angst explodes like fireworks in my house. This may be the year I hire a referee to make sure we both play fair. Every time I see this face I see […]


A Temporary Shut Down of Motherhood

by frannybolsa on July 8, 2013

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Vacation from Motherhood

Girl Wonder flew away. On a plane. By herself. She packed her suitcase. Collected her violin. She let me sit with her at the gate. When they called for the “A” passengers to board, she hugged me, slung her bag over her shoulder, and walked away. Firmly telling me that she could do this …


She’s Moving Quickly

by frannybolsa on June 3, 2013

in Motherhood

walking away

She doesn’t wait for you. Not even a glance over her shoulder to see if you’re keeping up. One big, fat, full, exploding stretched out second. You drown in that second. You’re sad and happy and proud and amazed and amused and shocked. That you’re here. That y’all made it this far. In this moment. […]


A Brief High-Five To Some Mammas

by frannybolsa on May 6, 2013

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I was going to write a post about fabulous gifts to buy for the Mammas in your life. But really, if I start scouring the internets for hip and trendy gifts that will make the Mamma in your life flip her lid – I’d get sucked into a black hole. And probably end up on […]


Great Expectations: Franny Bolsa

by frannybolsa on April 9, 2013

in Motherhood


Today, I have the honor of writing over at GFunkified Mrs. GFunk runs a series called Great Expectations where she gathers folks to share – you guessed it – their greatest expectations and how those expectations played out in real life. I had the pleasure of meeting her last month at a conference. She is […]


Real Talk: Motherhood Scares Me

by frannybolsa on April 8, 2013

in Motherhood

fearful me

Real talk. I’m wearing Fear pants. They’re too tight and make my butt look big but I can’t get them off. I seem to be stuck. The Girl Wonder has pierced her own ear. I believe a Piercer in the know would call it a Helix. A tiny little stud in the cartilage at …


Save Your Toys And Toes With A Pebble Bag

by frannybolsa on April 3, 2013

in Motherhood

This week I’m writing over at Mama And Baby Love…. One sweet, cherubic-cheeked child = 5011 bits, bobs and playthings strewn about the floor. Perhaps you can relate? When Girl Wonder was little, maybe 5 or 6, it didn’t matter one lick how many bins and baskets I had artfully arranged to collect her debris. […]


I Spy: My Teenager Being Human

by frannybolsa on April 1, 2013

in Motherhood


Parenting a teenager is an experiment in self-control. The little buggers are all cute and cuddly when you first bring them home. Then they gain the power of speech. Which they cannot use without adult supervision till at least 30. Those big wide eyes lose the power of hypnosis when they learn to roll at […]


5 Reminders For The Tired Mamma

by frannybolsa on March 6, 2013

in Motherhood

busy schedule

Your calendar gets covered in pencil smudges. Handwriting gets smaller to fit more in each tiny box. You stare at all the comings and goings and wonder who keeps putting all this stuff in your calendar when you’re sleeping. And meanwhile there’s a kid flitting in out of the room….. Sign this permission slip. Can […]



We’re moving into the trenches of the teenaged years. I was going to write something all deep and wise and filled with maternal wisdom. Instead we’re going to keep it brief. I’m going to hit the high points. The most important things I want you to know. Cause there’s cake to be eaten. And …