High School – The Final Stretch

by frannybolsa on July 29, 2013

in Motherhood

Girl Wonder starts High School this week. New school. New schedule. Lots of change.
I suspect this will be the year that teenaged hormonal angst explodes like fireworks in my house.
This may be the year I hire a referee to make sure we both play fair.

Every time I see this face

back to school

I see this face right below the surface.

first day of school

This is the face I see walking through the high school hallways. This is the face I see moving through the next year with one less year of bubble wrap.

The day she was born, I slipped into a bubble. Just her and me. The rest of the world slipped behind a misty fog. I wrapped her up and held her close. My whole body a fortress for her milky, sweet head.

I knew it wouldn’t last forever. The world moves in closer. The years pick up speed. Suddenly, there’s not much left between her and the world save for my whispered prayers and crossed fingers.

There’s a countdown that’s started in my head. 4 more years. Then college.
I can’t decide if it’s a ticking bomb, a countdown to a parade or the steady backwards count for a rocket launch.

  • Terri D.

    You laid the foundation – now it’s up to her! I’m sure there will be a parade!

    • frannybolsa

      A parade! With ponies and clowns! And free ice cream for everyone.

  • Helen

    The next THREE years will be hard for both of you as she seeks her necessary independence. Get thru them, the explosions, the tears (on both your parts) and the closeness will begin to return in a new framework, but closeness it will be, I promise.

    • frannybolsa

      I’m holding you to that promise Helen.

  • AndreaW

    My girl just turned 20…the high school years don’t have to be firework-y. As moms it’s hard to give them the independence they are desiring without letting go completely. I often found my daughter wanted that independence, but needed me more than every during those years. And they flew by! Stick close and listen, Mama. It’s rocket launch….two months after graduation, mine moved to Arizona (from California) to pursue her dream. I miss her so very much, but am so proud of the independent, strong, loving woman she has become.

    • AndreaW

      More than “EVER”. Not every. LOL

    • frannybolsa

      You give me hope. I agree. She needs me so much more now than when she was five. She just doesn’t always like to say it out loud.

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