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by frannybolsa on February 27, 2013

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Weight Of Silence

This book had me holding my breath. A young girl. Years without speaking. She disappears into a wide and tangled woods. A mother waiting in fear. And the the daughter returns. She utters one word and the world tilts again.


This book by Tara French tells the story of Cassie Maddox, an ex-under cover agent, is called to the scene of a murder. Her own. Sort of. A young woman, a doppleganger for Cassie, and living under Cassie’s old alias, is found dead in a small town. Cassie goes back undercover – as the dead girl who had assumed the identity of a make-believe girl. Twists and turns. A chance to be someone else. Live an entirely new life. A great read for a rainy day tucked under covers. Plus, it’s set in Ireland so it’s like reading with an Irish lilt.

Power of Habit

This book was fascinating. Charles Duhigg describes the anatomy of a habit. Which is pretty simple when you consider how hard it can be to break a habit. A cue (trigger), A routine. A reward. So simple. Duhigg talks about the habit of individuals. How habits are built in organizations. How society uses habit to spark social change. So much information packed in a short book. Habit drives so much of what we do every day. Imagine what we could do, or not do, if we understood all the working parts of our habits.


I hate to say I saved the best for last. But I did. This book by Hugh Howey was my favorite read this month. In fact this was one of the best books I’ve read in awhile. A world built underground. Because the world above has been destroyed. There are rules. Order. Rigid structure. To maintain a lie. And those who want the truth are thrown out. Oh… just go read it. I don’t know how else to explain it without spoiling it.

  • Jen Pierce Powell

    Thanks for the recommendations, Franny B! I’ve already ready (and ADORED) Wool, but will definitely check out the first two.

    • frannybolsa

      Wool rocked! I’ve fallen in love with Tara French’s book. There’s always a nice little twist.

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