The Power of Silence: 3-Minute Meditations

by frannybolsa on February 18, 2013

in Life, Motherhood

It’s loud up in here. All the voices and goings on in my head. Perhaps you can relate?
We (all the collective mini-mes hollering and stamping about in my brain) need a bit of peace and quiet. Last week, I wrote about one way to make that happen.

My head is a busy, loud place. Know that feeling? Self-criticism. To-do lists. Frustration. Plans. Hopes. The positive tangles with the negative.

No matter how many time outs I give myself the volume level still gets deafening.
I’m building a habit of practicing silence. Duct tape the voices inside my head. At least the ones pitching temper tantrums. Restore balance. Harmony. Intentional and joyful action flows from a tranquil mind.
I’ve always been challenged by meditation.

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