My Ordinary Lens – Week 7

by frannybolsa on February 15, 2013

in Life

This past week….

Hello blue skies.

morning sky

Sundays are set to simmer

homemade tomato sauce

Grating. Cheese cardio

cheese grater


rising bread dough

Almost there

bread dough in pan

Warm and smells like home. Oh my lawd y’all. This bread was divine. And unbelievable easy.

homemade bread

Eggs. Boiled. Fast food done slow.

boiled eggs

Breakfast for someone I love

valentine's breakfast

This mother’s best advice


My breakfast view. She’ll be turning 14 soon. I cry because I remember when she looked like a baby with frog legs. I smile because so far (fingers crossed) I’ve kept her in one piece.


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