A Simple Valentine’s Day

by frannybolsa on February 13, 2013

in Life

homemade valentine's day gift

Love under pressure. That’s how Valentine’s Day feels to me. Hype and bling for one day.

Here are my from the heart ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Simple. Creative. 2 key ingredients in any love potion.

  • Tell him he makes your knees weak. (Or tell her. Whatever – insert the gender of your choice) Tell him when he smiles at you, your heart does a cartwheel. We all need to know we’ve still got that sexy mojo.
  • Make him a pie. Sweet stuff for your sweet thang is always a winner.
  • Kiss him like a lover. Not your brother
  • Pull out your kids crayons. Buy some Sharpies. Rock your best stick figures. Make him a card because he makes your life full.
  • Make some coupons – for whatever fuels the love economy in your house.
homemade valentine's day gift

Single ladies… don’t sweat it. I’ve been there. Have some friends over. Have a movie marathon. Eat whatever you want for dinner. Get a good night’s sleep. This is just another day where Hallmark is in your face like it’s taken 7 Viagras. It only last 24 hours.

Happy Valentines Day!


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