The Going Matters

by frannybolsa on February 4, 2013

in Life

Wishes. Wishes. Wishes. Swimming round like fishes.
I wish I could….. I wish I could…. I wish I could… mind is full of things I want to do. Big things. Small things. Every day things. Things that require steps and next steps.

I want to dig deeper. I want to go beneath the surface and grab one of those ideas by the tail. Do something with it. Skip the declaration of intention and carve ideas into tangible reality.

I get scared though. Like putting your hand in a lawn mower scared. Scared that I can’t stop the whirling masses in my head long enough to reach out and hold on. Scared that I will completely and utterly fail with whatever I start.

This is where I end up. Knotted. Twisted. An anti-cheerleader.

Can you see where my head is? How to turn things around?


Find a moment. A piece of paper and a pen. Write it out. Puncture a hole in that mental whirlpool. With a pen. Stream of consciousness style. Talk to yourself with a list. Use a lisp while writing your list. Thath even more fun.

Keep writing till its all out of your head. Find the word, the to-do, the wish that’s waving at you with jazz hands.

Breathe. Go for a walk. Step away. Then jump in and go for it. Make a plan. Add some motion and action. Fail Succeed.

It’s the going that matters most. And this girl really needs to get going.

  • Chicken farmers sister…

    If it doesn’t work out at least you can say you tried…Soooooooooooooooooooooo~ what are you waiting for ???

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