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by frannybolsa on January 30, 2013

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ready player one

Ready Player One totally sucked me in on a cold Saturday. Set in a dismal, bleak future Earth, a massive online game is the source of most of the world’s education, happiness, and community. One trailer park teenage boy sets out on a quest to find a real world fortune hidden deep within the game. The space between the online world and the real world get blurred while you’re reading. Friendship. Love. Greed. Adventure. All woven between layers and layers of a complex game.

blue asylum

Blue Asylum is set during the height of the Civil War. The story’s main character finds herself being sent by her husband to a remote island asylum. Her story comes out in bits and pieces as she searches for a way to escape. Crazy and Sane live close together on the island and you’ll question the sanity of the sane as the chapters go by. Our heroine is drawn to a patient who uses “Blue” is a mantra to keep his madness on the inside. Love stands in for hope. Hope shifts and becomes acceptance or resignation. You’ll have to read it and decide for yourself. It took me a while to get with the rhythm of this book. I kept waiting for the story to quicken its pace. Be patient – The action never gets crazy fast but the words take you deep.

ex pat

The Expats was a good-old fashioned great read. An adventure in every page. A wife. A husband. Secrets. Spies. Thieves. Past tense. Present tense. Love. Betrayal. This book had it all. One of my favorite things – the main character is a mom of 2 young boys and is knee deep in making all the action happen. I love a badass Mamma.

age of miracles

What if the rotation of the earth began to slow down? That’s what The Age of Miracles is all about. Told from the perspective of 12 year old Julia, the world comes unraveled. Catastrophe happens – days and nights get turned upside down; the calendar we know no longer works; plants and animals begin to disappear. Sad. Un-nerving (it fueled the “sky is falling” voice in my head). Yet, in the midst of all this Julia is still 12 and learning about love and life. She discovers her parents are human and flawed. She learns forgiveness. The narrative in this book is stunning. Have you ever read a book where the words fit together so perfectly it’s like hearing music? That’s this book. Out of all the books I read this month – this one is my hands down favorite.

  • Maggie S.

    You make them all sound so great! I need to see if they are available for nook.

    • frannybolsa

      The Age of Miracles was my favourite.

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