6 Things Kids Need to Thrive

by frannybolsa on January 28, 2013

in Motherhood

Potty training to picking the right high school. This parenting thing is packed with pressure and choices that apparently can be the difference between your kid running a Fortune 500 company or becoming a professional plasma donor.

Following a conversation with another parent at one of Girl Wonder’s basketball games – Motherhood failure and emotional meltdown had me in a bear hug. How am I going to give her everything she needs to succeed in the world: social activities, cultural experiences, the right high school and a college education? As a single mom with one income – what if I’m short-changing her future with all of my financial and human faults. What if I’m not enough because I don’t have enough?

Before crawling into a corner and handing over my Mom license, I remembered I was raising a Child not a force for world domination or a causality in some perverse War of Overachieving Mothers.

No matter what – there are 6 things any kids needs to thrive in this world. Old school? Yup. Maybe there’s a good reason these things have stood the test of time.

  • Love: multiple doses served up daily. Kisses, hugs, tickling, joking, noogies.
  • All small and big success should be celebrated. From tying shoes to mastering advanced algebra.
  • Opportunities for failure: Learning how to fall makes you appreciate the view when your standing tall.
  • Boundaries: Knowing where the comfort zone ends. As in ” Your Mother can and will make your life mighty uncomfortable if you step outside her comfort zone.”
  • Fun: the kind that can only be found in rocks, dirt, crayons and other things that do not require batteries and call for a heaping dose of imagination.
  • A Boss: Someone has to be in charge. Usually that’s whoever is paying the rent, buying the food, carting your backside around town and washing your underwear. In our house Girl Wonder is da bomb and I be da boss.

Education at the best schools and exposure to different thoughts, worlds and people – important. Valuable. Teaching your kid (s) how to work hard, be persistent, compassionate, creative and respect others – these things create adults who will change the world.

  • Uncle Jack

    Very nice and so true…..Great job!!!!

    • frannybolsa

      Old school baby

  • Maggie S

    Indeed. Nicely worded.

    • frannybolsa

      I kept the my un-nice response to that particular mother in my head.

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