Figs and Forgiveness

by frannybolsa on September 26, 2012

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We had a small basket of fresh figs. Just picked. Small and plump with ripeness.


I dreamed up a sweet and savory plan. From my vision to the kitchen ; those figs were rendered edible but not divinely edible.

With food, as in life, there has to be a measure of forgiveness. We have to accept the fallen, the mis-seasoned and the burned.

It’s for the gathering that we cook. To call with smells and flavors. A sensory dinner bell.

We enter the kitchen with focused hope. To make a meal. To simmer and stir. To chop. To chase away the day in the rhythm of knife on wood and the sizzle of oil in a pan.

Shakespearean witches with a kinder slant. Our cauldrons bubble to nourish and delight.

The beauty of family – if they’re hungry, they’ll eat anyway. And they did.

We huddled at the kitchen counter. Silverware clinked. Mouths were full but undeterred. We rambled and chattered. Plates were cleaned.

eating dinner

Too often I want perfection and end up with a messy pile of figs and overcooked pasta.

We must forgive those things that lose their shine from culinary heart to pan to table. If they gather round we can claim success.

clean plate

What do you do when you have a dinner flop?

Franny of the Failed Figs

  • Ang

    For the longest time, I could not cook fish of any kind. I tried recipe after recipe and it was terrible EVERY time. It was not just my super picky family, even I didn’t want to eat it despite my own unconvincing encouragement of, “it’s not THAT bad” or the more feeble, “it’s edible.” So living across the street from both McD’s and a very good taco truck, it became a family assumption that when I made yet another attempt at fish, it was because I really just wanted tacos or burgers… So the answer to the WFD question, when I said fish, they responded, oh I love tacos/burgers! We did all still gather round though and it’s always fun to pick on Mom…

    I did eventually figure out how to make fish, I just refuse to try anything more involved than a simple butter sauce though…

    • frannybolsa

      I just LOL’d all over myself. We hit a taco talk down the street when I have a dinner fail. Which is pretty regular. My fig dinner was a diaster and we were at my Chicken Farmer’s house so no taco trucks close by. They ate it anyway. I love the “it’s edible” comment. I get that quite a lot too. To me that translates as “It sucks but we’re hungry”. My favourite way to cook fish – put a piece on a square of foil. Add veggies, butter and spices. Put on the grill for about 5 min till cooked. Perfect fish. That’s about the only I cook fish successfully.

  • Melissa

    good job on giving figs a try!! I would not have the slightest clue what to do with a fig!!!

    • frannybolsa

      Apparently I don’t have much of a clue either because it was a fig diaster!

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