Tomatillos by the Ton

by frannybolsa on July 11, 2012

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My garden is filled with tomatillos. Also known as husk cherries, mexican tomatoes or tomate verde if you want something that rolls off your tongue with a lyrical flair. They’re practically throwing themselves at me straight off the vine.

For the first few weeks, my garden patch is filled with chinese lantern husks. Chinese lanterns turn into Mexican tomatoes. Tomatillos are a fruit of global proportions.

Slowly, little green globes stretch the husk, letting you know they’re ripe for picking.

I picked my first batch yesterday. I have at least 15 more batches to pick.


Tomatillos have a deep, tart flavor. A perfect background for spicy peppers.
Serve it with fish, chicken, a good thick steak or eat it straight up with chips.
Every year I make jar and jars of tomatillo salsa. Enough to share and to see us through the winter.

This year I’m gonna get all wild and do something different. Maybe a soup. Maybe a jam.

Have you ever cooked with tomatillos? What’s your favorite recipe? Do share.


Frannito Con Mucho Tomatillo

  • Kim

    I’ve always wondered how to eat/cook those when I see them in the store.  You’ve enlightened me yet again!  :)

    • frannybolsa

      They make a fabulous salsa. Heat them up with a bit of water. Throw into a food processer for a minute. Add onions, peppers, salt, lime juice and whatever else floats your boat. Then find a good movie, a bag of chips and enjoy.

  • Jen P

    FrannyBolsa makes some money tomatillo salsa!  XO

    • frannybolsa

      Money salsa! I love it. I’ll be making a big batch here soon and be saving a few jars for you and Mr. P. I take care of my family peeps.

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