Snapshots: That Boy and This Girl

by frannybolsa on June 27, 2012

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I’ve had this picture of my Dad for years.

old picture

I don’t know much about it. My Dad didn’t talk much about his growing up years. It sits on an old (and presently dusty) sewing machine / table in my bedroom.

He’s 3 or 4 which would mean it was taken around 1946.

He was the youngest of 2 boys then. With 3 more brothers and a sister to follow.

I’ve always wondered what he was thinking. Is his stripey sweater itchy? Was it a rare and new occurrance to have a picture taken?

I wonder what his favourite book was? Had he already developed a love of Peanut Butter Cookies? Was he scared of the dark? Did he want to be a pirate when he grew up?

One day this tow headed boy would meet a girl.

This girl to be precise.

old picture

My mom grew up in Swissvale, a sleepy suburb of Pittsburgh, Where you could walk downtown to the bakery. Or the pizza shop. My grandparents were the first Italians in the neighborhood.

She’s a bit taller now. This was taken when she was in Kindergarten at Newmyer Elementary School. I would go to Kindergarten there too for a few months many many years later.

Sometime after this picture is taken she gets a baby sister. They’ll be best friends for life.

That boy and this girl only lived 15 minutes apart. Different worlds. Waiting for years without even knowing they were waiting.

Until one day that boy met this girl and a story begins.


  • Uncle Jack

    nice    real nice

    • frannybolsa

      Cutie patooties those two don’t ya think?

  • Baby Brother

    Now i have to explain why im weepy. In a bar. Nice post sis. Still say pop lools like t dub. Love you

    • frannybolsa

      Real men cry into their Guiness. I think Tdub looks like him too. Especially in this old picture of Dad. Good baby making brother dear. You done good. Let’s hope Agadorable does not look like a Waszkiewicz. Love back atcha

  • ramblingsfromamum

    Lovely photos and a heart warming story.

    I may be so tech un savvy but I can’t get your notifications or follow you off my wordpress site can I?

    This post is so much like one I put up with my dad about 2 years of age standing on a chair.

    He didn’t have a good childhood and his photo is of a sad and lonely little boy.

    I’ll keep returning to see your posts, but would love if I could share you on WP and be able to see when you have written something. :-)

    • frannybolsa

      I’m so glad you enjoyed it! My site is through WordPress but it’s a self hosted site so I’m not sure if you can follow it through your wordpress site. If you look at the top of the side under “Follow Franny” you’ll see and icon for an RSS link. You can add Franny Bolsa to your RSS reader and new posts will go straight to your feed. For example, mosts of the posts that I follow go straight to my Google Reader.

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