Cookbook Love: Handheld Pies

by frannybolsa on June 20, 2012

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I heard the siren call of a bookstore. I walked out pie-eyed with a new cookbook in hand.
My kitchen has been full of happy endings. Pie endings. That fit in your hand.

Handheld pies by Sarah Billingsly and Rachel Wharton.

cookbook cover

It’s filled with sweet and savory scrumptiousness in perfect palm sized proportions. It’s so much more attractive to eat a whole pie in lady like bites then to scarf one down all by yourself at the kitchen table from a pie pan.

These are pies you could fit in your pockets. Perfect for pie emergencies.

Free form pies. Structured pies. Pies in a jar. The cookbook is set up so you can play. Pick your crust. Choose a filling. Make the pie with your hands, in a jar or muffin pan. You pick. Explore. Imagine. Create.

There’s even a recipe for making pop tarts. Everyone knows pop-tarts become health food when you make ‘em your ownself.

I started with the Chicken Chile Rellano pie.

Cornmeal crust. Hearty. Rich.

savory pie

Wrapped around chicken, onions, chili powder, cheese and roasted pablanos.

savory pie

Heavenly. The crust dissolves. Spicy filling.

savory pie

I made mine snack pie sized. So you can eat them like M & M’s.
Per the Chicken Farmer – you cannot feed a man snack sized pie and call it supper. They must be supper sized pies and come with fixin’s. Heed this warning. Else you are apt to repeat my mistake and have a hungry Y chromosome in your kitchen.

Finish up with Lemon Meringue pie. Oh my.

lemon meringue pie

First you whip up lemon curd. You are gonna feel so smart. Eggs, lemons, sugar. butter. A bit of whisking and Bob’s your Uncle. You’ve done made you some lemon curd.

Be careful. This stuff is good. I had this friend once that almost accidentally ate a whole batch.

Graham cracker crust. A healthy spoonful of lemon curd. Brown Sugar Meringue.

I’m a brown meringue virgin. Now that I’ve tried it I won’t go back. It has the sweetness of meringue without the pucker. A warm sweet goodness. Be careful if you try to lick this stuff off a spoon. It will make your chin super sticky. It happened to that friend of mine I was talking about.

Spend the extra time to run to the PIggly Wiggly and get wide mouth half pint jelly jars. Don’t be like me. The tall jars I used were a bit tricky to fill. Plus it’s kind of hard to get your tongue down to the bottom to scoop up the last bit of crust.

If you’re in need of some new lovin’ in the kitchen may I suggest these pie-taclar book.


POST DISCLOSURE NOTE Note: I have absolutely no connection with the lovely ladies who wrote this cookbook. If I asked them for coffee they would have me arrested for behaving like a stalker person. I just loved the book and wanted to share.

  • Misty Bell Mathews

    All of that looks AMAZING.

    • frannybolsa

      Even better, it tasted amazing.

  • Pitney

    Wow, I bet the hand-held apple pies would taste great to a favorite cousin!  :)

    • frannybolsa

      What, I owe you a bazillion pies by now don’t I my dear Pitney

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