Homeschooling: A Book Review

by frannybolsa on May 28, 2012

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Earlier this year I went to my very first blogging conference. I was saved from wandering aimlessly in a sea of strangers by a group of ladies who had staked out a patch of carpet. Tiffany Manly of Sweet Phenomena was one of those friendly faces who invited me to hang out, chat and laugh until the conference was in full swing.

Well, since that conference Tiffany has been banging away full speed on her keyboard. Today she launches her new ebook So You Think You Wanna Homeschool?

homeschool book

I’ve spent my weekend reading her book amidst all of our weekend activity.

First, I need to say that I don’t homeschool. But if I did…. this book is jam packed with information. Tiffany pulls up a chair, pours you a cup of coffee, and gives you the low down on homeschooling. She covers it all.

  • State regulations for homeschooling
  • Choosing curriculum or how to build your own
  • Organizing and setting up your space and materials. (I found some great ideas we’re going to use to get Girl Wonder’s desk set up for the next school year.)
  • Goal setting – for the short and long haul
  • Lesson planning & record keeping
  • Field trips!
  • Building support systems
  • There’s even a handy dandy checklist to help you get started. Who doesn’t love a checklist?

Each chapter has a short and sweet summary followed by simple, clear discussion.
Tiffany shares her own successes, experiences and struggles in homeschooling her own child.

And resources… whoa baby! Here a link. There a link. Everywhere a link, link. This book has resources like my bed has dust bunnies (and by that I mean a lot!).

I especially liked the fact that Tiffany writes from such a personal perspective. What works for her may not work for you. She offers resources to all kinds of curriculum, learning methods and planning tools. Her message… you create the homeschool environment that works for your child, your family and you.

If you’re thinking about homeschooling, this book gives you the roadmap and encouragement to get started. It’s laid out in an easy to follow plan. Even if homeschooling isn’t for you, and you’ve got pre-school aged kids, the book has some excellent teaching tools to give them a heads start on learning.

This week over on her blog, Tiffany is having a launch party complete with a giveaway. For this week only you can purchase the book for 50% off – just $4 bucks. Cheaper than a cup of Starbucks. Plus, Tiffany is giving away 2 copies of Microsoft Office Home and Business 2010. She has even set up a Pinterest board to go along with her book. Now you can hang out on Pinterest in the name of education. The board for Homeschool Technology has some super cool ideas.

So if you’ve had a hankerin for homeschoolin’ – head on over and check it out.

Franny B

Note: I was given a free copy of the book to read. All the opinions I express, as in real life, are completely my own. Nobody can make me say nothin’ I don’t want to say – just ask my Mother

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