8 Mothers Day Gift Ideas

by frannybolsa on May 2, 2012

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Mother’s Day is just around the corner. The one day set aside to intentionally shower your Mamma with love for all her time spent performing manual labour and oozing unconditional love the other 364 days of the year. Let’s not forget the 9 months she served as an incubator. She who serves as an incubator has earned a little something special.

Here are 8 gift ideas for Mother’s day. From the practical to the pretty to a gift that helps another Mother.

Mother's Day Gifts

  1. Weekly Planner: A planner from Poketo that is practical, portable and most importantly – easy on the eyes. It also has a handy dandy pocket on the front to stash notes or reciepts.
  2. Stacking Rings: Lovely. Courtesy of Tarnished and True this ring is funky, chunky and a brilliant mix of sterling silver and copper. You can even personalize 4 of the bands. Use your words! “No more clothes on the floor” may make her heart go pitter pat. Or maybe your a short and sweet type and want to go for a simple “I heart you”. Whatever. Just say something that will make her think of you.
  3. Buoy Bells: This one is from Uncommon Goods Every now and then she’d love to hear something beside pleas for missing shoes, dinner inquiries and homework questions. When bell meets breeze the yard fills with harmonious baritones.
  4. Heifer International: According to Heiffer, the world spends around $14.6 billion dollars in an effort to make Moms feel special. That’s a lot of baubles and trinkets. Sometimes though, the best gift to get is a gift that gives. And doesn’t require any dusting. Buy a goat, a chicken, a cow. Take your pick. Help another mother gain the tools to feed her family by earning an income with agriculture. Your mudder wants you to give to udders. Get it? Udder? Heiffer? I made a funny

  5. Sons of Anarchy: Let Mom have some alone time with hot bikers. If you haven’t seen it, this FX series is intense. Its characters are gritty, brutal, human and resiliant. Gratititous scenes of naked bums are a nice bonus.
  6. Tom’s Wedges If she’s gonna cart offspring around day in and out she should look damned good doing it.
  7. Peonies: This is one of my favourite flowers. These lovelies can be found atJackson & Perkins. Even Moms need some quality time playing in the dirt. It’s good for the soul and she’ll remember your awesomeness when they bloom every year.
  8. Sugar Cookies: I’ve eaten at least a few dozen of Cheryl’s sugar cookies. My aunt loves to send these for birthdays, Christmas or whenever she thinks we might need a snack. They melt in your mouth. Butter. Just the right amount of sweet. Mom should have a little sumpin sumpin she can savour after all the ankle biters have been herded out of the house for the day.

What’s the best Mother’s Day gift you’ve given or recieved?

Franny Bananny

  • http://ajaxday.blogspot.com/ Annie Smith @AjaxDay

    Hi there!  I wanted to thank you for featuring my stacking rings!  Cute blog BTW.  :)


    • frannybolsa

      The rings are gorgeous! If the Mother’s Day fairy doesn’t leave them under my pillow, I’m going to have to head over to your shop to get them for myself. All of your your jewelry is beautiful. I don’t wear much jewelry but what I do wear is hand made. I fell in love with the stuff on your site. I may or may not have drooled all over my laptop while browsing.

      • http://ajaxday.blogspot.com/ Annie Smith @AjaxDay

        You are hilarious. And sweet!

  • MaggieS

    I want them all!!!  

  • http://www.indiaflowerplaza.com/ India Flower Plaza

    Wow. I have never seen this kind of gift ideas anywhere. Really such a great gift collection by Franny Bolsa. I think you really work hard to find this kind of unique and fashionable gift collection.

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