My First Communion

by frannybolsa on April 13, 2012

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first communion

According to my mother, this picture was taken somewhere in Cairo (where we were living at the time) to memorialize my First Communion. As for my brother – maybe my mom was hoping to find an audtion for an Egytpian remake of Saturday Night Fever after the photo session. He’s looking pretty fly for a short little guy.

I look as if I’m being tortured. It could be those glasses. Or the fact that I’ve got a veil and a tiara crammed on my head like the child bride of some polgymyist colony.

So I had to ask my Mother. Did she beat me with a wooden spoon right before the camera went off? Had she just informed me that my dream of being Wonder Woman was hopeless because there was no way I was gonna look good in those knee high red boots? Had she flushed our goldfish?

“You were sick” she said.


“Yeah, sick”

“And you still made me go get my picture taken?”

“Well, of course. It was your first communion.”

“Was I just a little bit sick or like dying of gangrene and ebola sick”

“You were sick sick. Right after that picture was taken you turned your head and threw up everywhere”

Did my sweet sweet mother then say ” but I felt so bad that I made you take that picture. Obviously your little tummy wummy was all icky wicky my poor wittle angel”.


She said “Honey, I’m really hungry. I have soup and a sandwich waitin’ on me.”

And just like that she was gone. I think she invented one of the mantras of motherhood: The vomitus shall eruptus but that will not stop us.

What’s the story behind your worst childhood photo?

Franny B

  • mistymathews

    Oh, moms. This picture is hilarious, but the story is kind of sad! Your mom and my mom sound kind of similar.

    • frannybolsa

      For the record let me say that my Mom is nothing but awesomesauce. I do feel sad for the little me that was all queasy and pukey though. And for that outfit. When she takes on a mission, she completes it that’s for sure.

  • Amy

    I’m absolutely DYING over the tiara and veil!!! The Mater did you up nicely, though the glasses and the pout detract from your overall princessness.
    I hope you through up on Steven’s disco outfit.

    • frannybolsa

      I think vomit slides off of polyester. I couldn’t have damaged that suit if I tried. I have always just missed out on Princess status due to that pout.

  • Becky Bayne

    GREAT JOB! Loved the story!

    • frannybolsa

      Thank you

  • Susan Gorrell

    It’s not my worst childhood photo, but I couldn’t resist writing about my favorite:

    long ago, I found a picture from my childhood, and after examining it minutely,
    I’m ready to verify that it’s the real me. 
    Taken when I was six, it’s a grainy, gray, under-exposed 3 x 5 Kodak
    print with a frilled border.

    standing in my Grandma O’Hearn’s yard in front of the spirea hedge, looking as
    if I’ve been called to a halt in the middle of a chase and asked to stand still
    for the last picture on the roll.
              It’s high summer; I’m sweaty; my hair is beginning to float free from the tight Dutch braids my mother imposed on me; and I’m wearing my favorite green and white checked seersucker sunsuit, nicely complemented by brown leather sandals. I have a wide, easy stance, and I’m looking right into the camera with the casual, confident smile of a card player with an ace in the hole. If you look carefully at my right hand, almost behind my leg and nearly concealed by shadow, you’ll see the reason for my coolness: I’m holding a cocked six-shooter.


    • frannybolsa

      I’m reading and thinking about an adorable dutch braided Susan… then I got to the part about the six shooter. I fell over laughing. Too bad you were born in the wrong century… You could have been a stagecoach robber.

  • Michelle Mossey

    Hilarious post! Visiting from SITS girls!

    • frannybolsa

      Thanks for visiting!

  • Mater

    As the above-mentioned mother, I feel obliged to speak in my own defense.  Although I can’t remember exactly where this picture was taken, I’m sure it was a major feat to find a professional photographer in Cairo 30 some years ago.  To say nothing of the inconvenience Lisa’s Nana & Pap-Pap went thru to get the dress, veil and tiara to Egypt in time for her big day.  I don’t recall her mentioning that she didn’t feel well although she was in a foul mood.  [Out of respect for my Daughter the Blogger, I will leave unwritten whether or not that was out of character for my first born.]  Also, I’m sure I wasn’t rudhing off to get soup and a sandwhich.  Some hummus and falafel …maybe

    • frannybolsa

      As for finding the photographer… was that like the time you went for a haircut and got caught in a riot? I am forever grateful to Nana & Pap-pap for the child bride outfit since it will now go down in infamy. I am never in a foul mood. As your first born I am forever a ray of shine sparkling off the clouds. Birds sat upon my shoulder to bask in my glow and squirrels frolicked at my feet. You must be thinking of your 2nd born. Sandwich. Falafel. Tomato. Tomatoe.

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