Avocado, Bacon, and Egg Sandwich

by frannybolsa on April 9, 2012

in Cooking

Sunny days. Green grass. Hungry bellies. A perfect time for a sandwich and a picnic. Avocado, bacon and egg. It’s what’s in the fridge. We have dubbed it the A.B.E.

Crispy. Creamy. A rich drippy yolk. A sandwich that wants to love you back.

Cook the bacon nice and crisp. We want crunchy. Limp bacon need not apply.
Slice an avocado and squirt with lemon juice. We need a layer of creaminess.
Fry up an egg. We dig an egg sunny side up. If that’s not your thing no worries. Do what feels right. No egg judginess here.

Toast up bread. A sandwich without bread is just nekid food. We’re rolling with a hearty fresh loaf of Sourdough. A little mayo. A good grainy mustard would be nice too. Let loose your wild side.

Layer it up. Avocado. Bacon. Egg.
You could throw another layer of bacon on and whamo! You’re now a total bonafide B.A.B.E.

Wrap it all up: wax paper, string – these are a few of my favorite things (feel free to continue singing in your Julie Andrews voice).

Grab glasses. Drinks. Blankets. Your kids. Your man. Your neighbor (unless they’re like mine and prefer speedos in warm weather. In that case leave them alone. I hope the speedo mention hasn’t ruined your appetite). A little ginger ale in mason jars and homemade coleslaw fancied up our sandwiches.

Proceed to your yard for a picnic. Laugh. Eat. Attempt handstands and wow your children with your exemplary cartwheel talent.

Franny B.

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