A Holy Place

by frannybolsa on June 18, 2014

in Life


Call people to gather. To sit together. To lift up hearts and hands. To seek love and forgiveness and laughter and nourishment. Church pews. Kitchen tables, park benches or chairs and TV trays in the living room.

Sacrament is bread. The filling of glasses. The passing of platters. The pinging of forks on plates. Words squeezed out around a mouthfuls of food. The re-telling of stories as a prayer of thanks for the people who always laugh at your jokes. The ones who hold your hand and rub your back as life presses on your shoulders.

“Peace be with you” is unspoken but there when we soothe a crying child that’s not ours. Fill the freezer with food. Make room on the couch for one more.

Congregation is family whether by birth or by marriage or karmic selection. We make our Holy places.


Things I’m Lovin’ – June

06.16.2014 Life

1. The Forest Feast is the latest edition to my cookbook collection. The pictures are pretty. The recipes are simple and uncomplicated. There are no fancy, exotic ingredients. Everything can be found in your garden or your grocery store. Most recipes are only 1 page. Which means you can wham, bam – put tasty food […]

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The Gifts Of Imperfection

06.13.2014 Life
The Gift of Imperfections

We’re all looking for that sweet spot.

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For Your Mouth: High Cotton – Charleston, SC

06.11.2014 Life
High Cotton-Charleston, SC

We met a friend for lunch. It was muggy and I was hungry. High Cotton – from the outside, just another restaurant on a busy street in Charleston, South Carolina. A black awning. A simple wooden sign. There’s nothing to hint that you’re walking into old hardwood floors, white linen table clothes, sunlight bouncing off […]

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Feed Me Words

06.09.2014 Life
Saveur Magazine May 2014
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Nashville Public Library Seed Exchange

05.19.2014 Garden
Nashville PUblic Library Seed Exchange

Cool fact: if you’ve got a library card you can check out seeds. Seeds and good reads – a winning combination. You can join in the seed exchange program by going to any of these 4 branches: Bellevue, Bordeaux, Edmundson Pike, and Inglewood. The program began in April of this year and was kicked off […]

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Porch Fixin’s

05.09.2014 Life

A spring evening. A breeze. The weekend quickly coming to a close. Monday ready to pounce. The teenager has mowed the lawn which has turned her sparkly self into a sweaty 5’9″ stomping mess of cranky. My legs and hands are scraped and bruised from a day’s worth of manual labor in the garden. Just […]

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School of Essential Ingredients

05.07.2014 Life

A good meal is sultry. One bite captures the curves and tingle of a moment. Placing it gently on your tongue to spark a memory.

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Mothers, Daughters and Girl Balls

05.05.2014 Life

Last Saturday night, I took part in Nashville’s inaugural show of Listen To Your Mother. Ours was just one of 32 performances across the country. Each show pulls together a bunch of women and puts their words out into the world. (Learn more about it here) 1 night. 13 women. 13 stories. Standing up on […]

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Chiptotle Pork Butt

03.12.2014 Cooking
Chipotle Pork Butt

Cold weather is still hanging around here in Tennessee. We’ve had 30 degree days. Then 70 degree days. Then back to 30 degree days. We’ve had sleet and thunderstorms and balmy Sunday mornings. The schizophrenic weather leaves my nose constantly running and has me throwing open windows then frantically closing them. But one thing remains […]

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