Things I’m Lovin’: August

by frannybolsa on August 29, 2014

in Life

Things I Love

1. Magnum bars: I know they’ve been around awhile. I bought them for the first time this summer. Best eaten late at night, on a 90 degree day, when you’ve sweated like a sumo wrestler in spandex doing yard work all day, and when everyone else is in bed. Just You. And silky, cold vanilla ice cream sheathed in a luxuriously thick chocolate shell – all stuck on a stick. Just close your eyes, take a bite and enjoy. It also shares a name with a condom. Which is funny. And begs the question – which came first? The condom or the bar.

2. Jamie Oliver’s FoodTube A collection of interesting people making good food. Loads of inspiration for your kitchen table. Some feature handsome men with accents. Bonus! A few of my favourites:

3. doTERRA Essential Oils: I’m slightly obsessed. I started using essential oils to help me sleep. Because me and sleep – we have a rocky relationship. My brain has no off switch. Even when my body is done for the day, my brain just goes and goes and goes. A little essential oil love at bed time – sleep like a bay-bee. 7 hours. Solid. My brain has been turned down to a whisper. I’ve also found an oil combo for to soothe me through a stressful day and one to pick me when my energy is flagging. Essential oils are slowly becoming the only things in my medicine cabinet. And I smell like a Mother Earth Love Goddess.

4. The Skimm: One email a day. Brief summaries of what’s happening in the world. Straight to the point and with a little edge. It’s free and it’s easy. Just sign up and you get a the national and world news straight to your inbox bright and early in the morning. I started a conversation about Argentina defaulting on its national debt last night at dinner. Who’s a smarty pants now?

5. What the F**k Should I Make For Dinner: Because it’s f**king annoying when you get asked that over and over again as if you’re the only f**king person in the f**king house with working arms and the ability to open the f**king fridge and identify f**king edible food because you’re like Martha f**king Stewart. Well – here ya go. Now you have a f**king awesome answer.


Sour Cherry Popsicle

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Sour Cherry Popsicle

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Sour Cherry Compote

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Sour Cherry Compote

I’ve got an easy way to make you look fancy. Compote. When you put French words in your mouth – you sound classy and people will want to eat what you make. Compote is french for “mixture”. We’re mixing fruit, sugar and wee bit of water. Fruit plus sugar is dessert. Or breakfast. It’s got […]

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Call people to gather. To sit together. To lift up hearts and hands. To seek love and forgiveness and laughter and nourishment. Church pews. Kitchen tables, park benches or chairs and TV trays in the living room. Sacrament is bread. The filling of glasses. The passing of platters. The pinging of forks on plates. Words […]

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Things I’m Lovin’ – June

06.16.2014 Life

1. The Forest Feast is the latest edition to my cookbook collection. The pictures are pretty. The recipes are simple and uncomplicated. There are no fancy, exotic ingredients. Everything can be found in your garden or your grocery store. Most recipes are only 1 page. Which means you can wham, bam – put tasty food […]

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The Gifts Of Imperfection

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The Gift of Imperfections

We’re all looking for that sweet spot.

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For Your Mouth: High Cotton – Charleston, SC

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High Cotton-Charleston, SC

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